Anechoic Chamber

An anechoic chamber is a room that completely absorbs reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves. These chambers are known to be the quietest places on earth; where you are able to hear your own heartbeat and other organs producing sounds. This echoless room is often called dead rooms or field-free rooms. Read More…

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Eckel Noise Control Technologies

Anechoic-Chamber-EckelThese chambers are mainly used in order to create quiet environments for the safety of workers and the testing of electromagnetic interferences from many electronic products. The size of the chamber used depends on the purpose for application and the frequency of the microwave or radio signals used. The electronics industry, aerospace, automotive, medical, telecommunications, music, industrial, and military are just a few industries that can benefit from using these chambers.

The most common type of chamber is a full anechoic chamber. The surface is covered with materials that absorbs sounds, while hemi anechoic chambers have sound absorbing materials on the walls and ceiling in order to test heavy-duty equipment. Both full and hemi chambers are built with brick or cement walls and asymmetrical to prevent sound from entering. Most manufacturers line the chambers with corrugated foam wedges to absorb sounds better than a flat surface.