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It is very common to see acoustic panels in large open spaces with high ceilings such as theatres, churches, lecture halls, gyms, pools, and even restaurants. Acoustic panels are sheets of a sound absorbent material to reduce and eliminate unwanted noise. Ideally, they can be used anywhere noise needs to be reduced. Read More…

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Eckel Noise Control Technologies has worked with companies including Arctic Cat, BMW and Rousch, as innovative acoustical panel manufacturers with a talent for noise reduction. Also offering extensive engineering and design services, Eckel is a leader among acoustic ceiling companies. Featuring high-quality acoustic baffles and acoustic wall panels Eckel makes noise pollution a thing of the past!

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Eckel Noise Control Technologies

Accoustics-panel-artusaPlaces where sound is essential for a project or application such as recording studios, theatres, churches, and music rooms implement acoustic panels. Unlike traditional walls, these panels are able to absorb sound waves before they can reverberate as noise pollution. It’s prevalent to find yourself in a noisy restaurant or coffee shop where the decibel range is intolerable; the use of acoustic panels can make that experience much more bearable. For worker safety in industrial settings, they can also be used when the machinery is exceptionally loud.

There are three main parts that makeup an acoustic panel. First, the frame which is usually rectangular in shape or square and made out of wood. The interior, which is made from a material that is specifically designed to absorb the sound vibrations and waves. An example of this material can be rock fiber wool. And lastly, the outer covering. This is preferred in many cases because some customers want to maintain a certain aesthetic or design but still have the practicality of reducing sound waves. These panels can vary in size and it depends on the scale of the space and amount of noise reduction.


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